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Making Life Simple

Black Balsam Wealth Advisors standing together on building steps

Black Balsam Wealth Advisors

Our Mission

We help families and businesses create, preserve, and transfer their wealth. Daily, with great focus, we attract and passionately help people turn financial uncertainty into accomplishment so they can live in freedom.

Our Name

We chose the name Black Balsam Wealth Advisors because we believe the hike at Black Balsam Knob is often reflective of our client’s financial lives. At Black Balsam Knob, the short hike from the trailhead takes you through a Balsam Fir forest and the 360° view from the peak is breathtaking. Similarly, we know that financial planning is a journey, and we appreciate that parallel.

We chose to include the word wealth because it comes from the old English word “weal” which means well-being and the suffix “-th” which describes a condition. We want to enable our clients to achieve a state of well-being that extends beyond their balance sheet. And we believe this is possible by working alongside clients, listening, and advising appropriately. Our goal is to remove client stress and worry enabling them to spend life living.

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