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Client Experience

  1. Connection: Our first step is getting to know you. Our team listens intently to your goals and objectives. We complete a values exercise to help you better understand why it is important to develop a plan. And we discuss the various methods you can choose to work with our team whether through a flat fee or a percentage of assets model. In short, we discover up front if we would be a good mutual fit to work together.
  2. Planning: Once we agree to work together, our team goes to work collecting information important to achieving your goals and together, we build a model of your current financial picture. This baseline model can then be edited with recommendations to determine what strategies have the most significant impact in reaching your objectives.
  3. Partnering: After developing a plan, we discuss implementation. We provide a structured timeline to help you prioritize and act on recommendations.
  4. Monitoring and Review: If you choose to work with our team on an ongoing basis, we partner to provide planning each year to ensure your financial picture stays in alignment with your evolving long-term objectives.